Episode 1-1 The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – The Sira app


Allah’s Messenger, (pbuh), was born on Monday the twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal, in the Year of the Elephant. This was a time, when peace prevailed over Mecca after its people celebrated victory over Abraha’s army.

Amina bint Wahab felt her heart overflow with joy and she began to look up at the sky. She remembered the vision she had seen a few days earlier.

She was standing alone in the desert when suddenly, a light emanated from her, filling the sky and illuminating everything from the East to the West. Continue reading

Episode 1-2 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Halima al-Sa’diyyah (the fortunate)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Halima al-Sa’diyyah (the fortunate)

It was the custom among the Arab nobility to send their young with wet nurses who came to Mecca to take children and raise them in the desert. This strengthened their bodies and made them resilient, as well as perfected their Arabic.

When the wet nurses came to Mecca, they all rushed to obtain a child from a prosperous family who would be able to pay the fees. Each woman selected the child she desired, except Halima al-Sa’diyyah (the fortunate).

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Episode 1-3 Prophet Muhammad and Gibreel

Prophet Muhammad and Gibreel

While Muhammad, peace be upon him, was playing with ‘Abdullah, the son of Halima, Gibreel, an angel sent by Almighty Allah, came and threw Muhammad to the ground. He cut open his chest and removed a black spot from his heart. He said, “This is Satan’s share of you”. Then he washed the heart and returned it to its place by the power of Allah, who is able to do all things. When Halima learned about this from two servant boys who were playing with Muhammad, she became afraid, and returned him to his mother.

The lesson that I have shared with you today is that the Messenger, peace be upon him, was chosen by Allah from among His creation in order to guide humankind. He chose his name for him and protected him from faults when he removed Satan’s share from his heart. Continue reading