Episode 4-1 The dawn of Islam

The dawn of Islam

The Holy Prophet went through hard days. When he received the first revelation, he was perplexed and unsure of himself. He did not know what to think of what had happened to him.

That’s how it was at first. But when revelation came again and again, the Prophet, may God’s peace and grace be upon him, became sure that it must be a divine call. He realized that he was entrusted with some great responsibility: the duty to proclaim the message to all men and women. When we are troubled, we tend to open our hearts to people nearest and dearest to us. Such is human nature. And so the Prophet began to tell the news to his close relatives and intimate friends. His wife, Khadija, was the first to believe in him; then his cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib and his friend Abu Bakr. I too was one of the first to believe in him and become a Muslim. Continue reading