Episode 2-1 Nabi Muhammad and his first visit to Medina at 6 years old

Nabi Muhammad and his first visit to Medina at 6 years old

After that Muhammad stayed with his mother. She gave him the best care and upbringing a mother could give her child. And when he was six she went with him to Medina, at the time called Yathrib. She wanted him to visit his uncles (her brothers) as well as the grave of his father, Abdullah. Muhammad’s grandfather, Abdul-Muttalib, accompanied them on that journey, along with Umm Ayman, Amina’s maid-servant.

And on their way back to Mecca, something happened that no one expected.
A strong, hot sandstorm began to blow. Amina fell seriously ill, and soon afterwards she died on the return journey.

It was his grandfather, Abdul-Muttalib who looked after Muhammad for two years after Amina’s death. And then this caring grandfather died too. The Prophet was very sad to lose him. Now, Muhammad’s uncle from his father’s side, Abu Talib, cared for him with love and compassion.

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