Episode 2-3 The Prophet Muhammad and Khadija

The Prophet Muhammad and Khadija

When Muhammad turned twenty-five, he set out on a trading journey to Damascus. The merchandise he was to sell belonged to a notable businesswoman by the name of Khadija. Khadija sent her servant with him, a youth named Maisara.

Maisara: Yes, indeed. I went with Muhammad. He’s a great man. He doubled the profit that my mistress could get from selling her merchandise. And such a kind man as well! He was ever so gentle with me throughout the journey and he taught me a great deal. I told my mistress all about him– his good manners, his gentleness, and his wisdom. And now she is eager to have him for a husband.

Maisara’s friend: Khadija? Have I misheard you? But Khadija has turned down all the aristocrats of Quraish. This Muhammad must be an exceptionally remarkable man.

Maisara: He is, he is! And that’s why everyone calls him ‘Al-Amin’– the true and honest one.

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