Episode 3-2 Revelation: the Call of Heaven and Nabi Muhammad

Revelation: the Call of Heaven and Nabi Muhammad

The Prophet used to frequent the cave of Hira’. This was a cave in Mount Nour, near Mecca. He would spend the month of Ramadan there, and would help the needy and the poor if they came his way. In the blessed solitude of the cave, the prophet would meditate and reflect on all that surrounded him on Earth, on the universe, and on the might and power that had created all of it. And then– in that cave, one Ramadhan night, came the call!

It happened all of a sudden. The Angel Jibril came to the Prophet. He was startled. The Angel approached swiftly, and seized him in a tight embrace!

“I cannot read” was the answer of the Prophet.

the Angel commanded again and again: ‘Read!’. And each time, the Prophet answered, “I cannot read.” God almighty then revealed to His Prophet the first words of the Glorious Quran:

Read, in the name of your Lord who created,
Who created man from a clot
Read, and your God is the most exalted,
He who taught by the pen,
Taught man that which he knew not..

Then there was silence and the Angel Jibril disappeared just as suddenly as he had appeared. The Prophet was gripped by awe. He returned home terrified. He rushed to his wife, Khadija. Trembling with fear, he cried, “wrap me up, wrap me up!’ He wanted to be covered. For he felt very cold.

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