Episode 7-1 Prophet Muhammad and The road to Yathrib

Prophet Muhammad and The road to Yathrib

Jibreel informed Muhammad about the disbelievers’ plan to kill him. God made the murderers fall asleep and the Prophet passed by them, taking a handful of dust and scattering it over their faces while reciting Surah Yasin, “And [We] set barriers before and behind them, blocking their vision: they cannot see.” The disbelievers were drowned in sleep by God’s will, and the Prophet broke through their barrier, leaving Mecca with his friend, Abu Bakr, leaving ‘Ali in his place so that he could return the goods which a Meccan trader had left with Muhammad for safekeeping. Despite all of the animosity they directed towards him, the disbelievers still trusted the Prophet and left their valuables with him.

Asma bint Abi Bakr used to go out every night to take food to the Prophet and her father in the cave of Thaur, where they were hiding out in order to avoid apprehension by the Qurayshi men. These men had gone out to follow the Prophet and Abu Bakr, all seeking the reward that the Qurayshi leaders had promised for their capture.

Some of the bounty hunters went to the mouth of the cave, however God has full power and control over His affairs. Abu Bakr said that when he was with the Prophet in the cave, he raised his head and suddenly, he heard footsteps. He said to the Prophet, ‘If any of them tilts their heads, they’ll see us’. The Prophet replied, ‘What do you think Abu Bakr, when “there are two and God is the third amongst them”?’ God bestowed his Prophet with this miracle, and the bounty hunters returned without finding them after being only a few feet away from them.

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