Episode 6-1 Banu Hashim and Qurayshi Leaders

Banu Hashim and Qurayshi Leaders

The disbelievers wanted to kill the Prophet, but the Bani Hashim, the people of his clan, decided to protect him, as allowing this would be an insult to their honour. That is, all of them except Abu Lahab, the Prophet’s uncle! The Qurayshi leaders gathered again to devise a cunning plan.

Abu Jahal: So the Banu Hashim have decided to protect him and prevent us from getting rid of him. In that case, let’s take revenge against them, and hit them all hard with a boycott, Muslim or not.

Abu Lahab: Yes… let them die of starvation. No one will buy from them, nor sell to them, and no one should marry them. Each clan must break ties with them. Continue reading